What makes University of London unique

Prestigious Legacy

Established in 1837, UoL carries a legacy of over 160 years in academia.

Global Impact Makers

The UoL alumni network significantly influences various fields worldwide.

Research Powerhouse

UoL fosters groundbreaking research, pushing boundaries across disciplines.

Extensive Learning Hub

A diverse student body creates a vibrant learning environment at UoL.

Our Programmes

Academic Direction from Goldsmiths 36 Months
Academic Direction from Royal Hollway UOL 36 Months

Britts Imperial: University of London

Bridging the Gap: Britt's Imperial and UoL - A Gateway to World-Class Education

In a groundbreaking alliance, the University of London has designated Britts Imperial University College as a recognised teaching center in the UAE region. This innovative initiative aims to redefine education by merging the expertise of two renowned institutions, now accessible to students in the UAE for European programmes.

  •   Flexible Learning
  •   Global Faculty
  •   International Degree in a Developed country
  •   Globally Accredited & Accepted
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What makes this collaboration distinct

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Global Recognition

Earn a prestigious UoL degree closer to home, saving on relocation costs.

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Seamless Learning

Benefit from Britt's Imperial's local knowledge and UoL's rigorous curriculum - a winning combination.

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Quality You Can Trust

UoL's recognition of Britt's Imperial guarantees top-tier education at a more accessible price point.

Britts Campus Facilities

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